Our Studies

How can we ease the burden of downsizing?


ACAR research shows that while some prospective residents are happy to move to a smaller residence (“a weight off my shoulders”) for others it’s a significant barrier to moving (“I can’t keep everything I want to keep” and “The thought of downsizing and moving is too overwhelming”).

While there is much research looking at the outcomes of moving to service-enhanced settings in later life, there are very few studies looking at the process and outcomes of downsizing to a smaller home. This research aims to fill this gap by examining older adults’ reasons for downsizing and their relation to satisfaction with the move and psychological well-being. We will test the hypothesis that the amount of control older adults feel over the move and their feelings of attachment towards their home effect satisfaction and well-being.

Data collection is now underway. Over 200 Acts residents who have recently moved are sharing their stories to benefit future downsizers.