Our Studies

The Acts Center for Applied Research partners with a variety of research institutions on a fascinating range of projects, exploring topics related to the process of successful aging.

Recent initiatives include:

Can a scratch & sniff smell test indicate risk of Parkinson's disease?

About 180 residents from nine Acts communities have attended presentations for a study with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. Residents take a scratch & sniff smell test, because smell loss is an early predictor of Parkinson’s disease.

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How does living in a continuing care retirement community impact residents’ health and well-being?

More than 200 residents at four Acts communities are participating in a five-year study called AgeWell that aims to help answer this question.

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How effective are brain health classes in helping people maintain mental wellness?

This study by the Research Institute on Aging at the University of Alabama and Total Brain Health is enrolling 1,200 Acts residents as participants and is seeking more volunteers now.

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How does your personal perspective on time affect your approach to retirement planning?

More than 300 residents are participating in this study by Flinders University in Australia and Oklahoma State University to learn about the impact of having a past-oriented, present-oriented, or future-oriented mindset.

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How do retirement community residents in Australia and the U.S. compare in their motivations and experiences?

This comparative study is looking at various factors at work among Americans and Australians when it comes to the decision to move to a retirement community.

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How can we ease the burden of downsizing?

Research shows that while some prospective residents are happy to move to a smaller residence for others it’s a significant barrier to moving. How can we ease the burden of downsizing?

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How can we employ evidence-based best practices to improve dementia care?

This study by the Pennsylvania State University and University of Maryland Schools of Nursing examines the effectiveness of new approaches for helping residents with cognitive impairment engage in meaningful activities and improve psychological well-being.

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